Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bottom of the pyramid

 Indian patients no longer have to wait for the drug to become generic. Recently BMS and Astra Zeneca launched their new oral pill Saxagliptin (DDP 4 inhibitors ) to treat type 2 diabetes in India, less than one year after its US approval. India is the first Asian country where the drug is available at affordable price which is 1/5 of its US cost.

Pharma Companies are now realizing that there is tremendous opportunity in emerging markets, not only because they entail low operating costs but also because of the fast growing middle class population, they are emerging as a huge market for global products. As the economy grows life style associated diseases grow along with it, Therefore companies try to launch drugs for these life style related diseases such as diabetes. Forecasts suggest 50% of business will be in those markets by 2020. Acquisition of Daichi to Ranbaxy and Abbot by Piramals make it clear that big pharma companies want to make a strong market presence in India.

“Rather than trying to find a use for approved medicines that were developed for a non-Asian phenotype, the move is to discover and develop medicines specifically to treat Asian diseases,” explains Paul Bolno, VP of Oncology R&D, Business Development at GSK. Here is a Nature article

But it will take a long time for the local doctors here in Inida to stop giving the pills without any label and any expiry dates on it. (pic; which I was given by a local hospital for a mild fever, you have to remember the tablets by its color)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

PhD fellowships

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Copenhagen is announce that eight PhD fellowships will be available from 1 October 2010.You can read more about here