Sunday, June 30, 2013

Inspired by Nobel

It is a great honor, not to mention my good fortune as well, to be nominated and sponsored by Department of Science and Technology, India, as one of the 23 young researchers who will be attending the 63rd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting as part of the Indian delegation.

With much anticipation, I await to listen to the eminent speakers at the Lindau stellar, who need no elaborate introduction. The work of most of the scholars have formed a basis for my own work as well as for thousand of other scientists and students around the world. We ceaselessly draw inspiration from their work. I have long admired these scholars, but to listen to them in person would be an awe-inspiring experience, which I am sure would vouch for it.

“It is the quest for knowledge that drives the scientific community.” Armed with this belief, I look forward to meet and interact with personalities of scientific excellence at close quarters. The informal setting at the Lindau Meeting, I hope, will allow us to discuss our work in a relaxed manner. I believe, this meeting will be a great platform to learn directly from the masters and to meet peers from across the globe.

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