Thursday, October 3, 2013

Nobel Advice

Are you a Nobel aspirant, young researcher, or want to be part of good science? Here is an advice from Prof. Avram Hershko ( Winner of 2004 Nobel Prize -for the discovery of ubiquitin-mediated protein degradation)

Here is a lesson from his life in science that he presented at the Lindau Nobel Meeting 2013."
  • It is very important to have good mentors- you cant learn how to do good science just from reading the literature 
  • Find an important subject that is not yet interesting to others the big guys will get there before you! Do not go with the mainstream. 
  • Accidental observations may be the most important one. Grab your Luck. 
  • Use what ever experimental approach is needed for your objective. It may not necessarily be the most fashionable (“state-of- the- art”) technology. Of course, biochemistry will always be needed. 
  • Science should be curious driven adventure. You should have a lot of excitement and fun. 
  • Never leave bench work, and shall continues to get a lot of excitement and fun.

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